If you believe in something, everything that you do speaks to that belief.  It is who you are! Ministry is not just for the church, it’s for everything you do!

Daniel Holder is the oldest of the late Pastor Richard and Pennie Holder’s children. Nathaniel, Hadassah, and Candace grew up in a loving home in London, England. They were taught many lessons, like the value of hard work, the meaning of true friendship, and community. However, for Daniel, maybe some lessons were skipped, or maybe he wasn’t listening.

At 18 Daniel was sent to to Oakwood University, where he chose to study accounting,  he had an aversion to ministry.  After a year at Oakwood University school was too expensive and they suggested Daniel come home to London.

Fortunately, Daniel missed the lesson on quitting and decided to stay and work through college. He pledged a well-known black fraternity and his life immediately went crazy.   Daniel started to drink and didn’t stop for 6 years. At his first party, someone was shot in the head and killed. Although the next six years of Daniel’s life were wild, to say the least, he can look back and see God’s hand directing him, even in his foolishness God’s plan was there.

God always saw Daniel, not as he was but as he will be. After 9 years of undergraduate extra-curricular learning, and after 4 university transfers, Daniel graduated from Alabama State University in Montgomery AL.  He commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force, and moved to Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts. The most important years of his life.

On Daniel’s second day there, God placed him in the path of his Beautiful wife Salina.  While in Massachusetts Salina and Daniel were married, had two beautiful daughters, Abigail and Grace, and God lit a fire under their family. That fire convinced Daniel that he was serving the wrong military, and was convinced to serve in the God’s Air force. That fire also convicted him to be unsatisfied with ministry as usual.

Daniel has a passion today to lead his family in innovative and impactful ministry that disrupts ministry as usual. To say that Daniel has a clear vision of how that would occur would be a lie, but it’s going to be interesting.  Follow Daniel and the Holders as they journey and learn God’s plan for their lives. God has a plan for you too.


To be a community for those who may have left church, or be uncomfortable in a church setting, or question Christianity, but still love God. To establish a community that encourage, support, and empower each other to be practical with their love for God, to encourage maturity. 


That is how ministry can be at times. After sweat and toil, you may look back and see no evidence of your hard work. Ministry should be impactful. There should be footprints showing where your ministry has gone. The light of your ministry should leave darkness soiled.

“Prayerfully our goal is to lead others to make an impact that soils darkness and adds flavor to our world.”

We pray to be a catalyst for impactful ministry, helping leaders to create value for their ministry. We pray to disrupt ministry as usual.