Do you have a problem? Sometimes your problem is bigger than you and different expertise might be helpful

I’ve worked as a project manager in the USAF for multiple cyber projects and weapons systems projects. I’ve worked in urgent and special projects. I’ve been employed as a project manager in healthcare, working to improve their processes. I have experience in Education and in religious institutions. In these roles, I did the same thing but achieved drastically different results.


I listened! I took the time to build relationships and to understand people and processes. I learned to visualize and document and verify the processes. Whether the teams or clients were local or internationally I listened and learned.

But in different positions, my recommendations got different results. Sometimes my recommendations were accepted and the projects were always successful and very often won awards. In other situations, my recommendations resulted in the organization choosing to end my employment.

Sometimes you may not have the correct tools for your problem

When the only tool you have is a hammer,

every problem becomes a nail!


Let me lend you my toolbox!

What is your problem?
Understanding the process
Resource Review
What's the timeline?
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