April Fools

My Dad, the late pastor Richard Holder, gave me a warning that I know wasn’t found in a fortune cookie. He said, “Be careful who you share your faith moves with because faith moves look like foolishness to most people.

My father’s advice

My Dad was a pastor, a carpenter, plumber, electrician, an author, and an entrepreneur.  In his experience, he encountered many who would urge him to quit what he believed he was doing in faith. People would appeal to common sense to try to persuade him to do what many consider sensible. Thus he warned me, “Daniel, just keep it to yourself, faith looks like foolishness to most people.' I completely understand where that advice came from, but I cannot take it, and my Dad would completely understand why. I cannot take that advice for three reasons, and today I’ll share it with you.

3 Reasons to be Loud with your Faith

1. People Need Vision Repair! – When people that try to persuade me using common sense tell me that life is an opportunity to introduce common people to an uncommon God. I was encouraged by my Dad, he chose to be a fool, and live faith boldly. When God talks to someone, it is a personal message, not a broad announcement. Therefore, other’s opinions on what God has told you is irrelevant. God told you, You tell others

2. Your Detractors Need You! Funnily enough, those same detractors and discouragers need you to succeed. They need you to be obedient to what God has told you to see that God is bigger than conventional rules and common sense. They need to see that there is a blessing in obedience.

3. People Are Watching You! Some wish you to succeed and some want you to fail but all will be inspired and encouraged. Whether you succeed or not, someone is inspired by you.  By his own standards, my Dad was not successful. He wanted to make so many book sales, or a certain number of the communion set sales, or complete different projects which he never completed, and that’s alright. This is not about you! It is about those who are inspired by your obedience.

Be a Fool, not just in April

Following my Dad’s advice would make life a lot easier, but I choose to be a fool so that others can be inspired. I encourage you to be a fool too. When people tell you, you should give up, and stop, don’t stop! Furthermore, what if there was a community that supported and empowered individuals when the rest of the world says they’re fools. Am I the only fool?  Have you encountered a situation like this?  I’d love to hear about it. Comment, Subscribe, Share! I'd love to hear from you.

I’m going for it in April!!

April 18th is my dad’s birthday. Even though he breathed his last six years ago, I’m still celebrating! I invite you to celebrate with me. On April 18th, 2019 I will be releasing the first episodes of the I am Church Podcast. Please check out the podcast, and let me know your thoughts.

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