Hostile Verses

For my daily devotion, I have a poster board. On this poster board, I’ve written out some bible texts that drive and inspire me. Each morning after I pray I try to read and or write about them to live an inspired and purpose-filled day. We each read the Bible through the lens of our experience or journey so these verses may not mean the same thing to you as they do to me. So, I must take this opportunity to share some of these verses and what they mean to me.

“Who is blind but my servant? Or deaf as my messenger that I sent?  Who is blind as he who is perfect and blind as the Lord’s servant.”  Isaiah 42:19

I don’t know what you see when you see that verse, I don’t know that it is a verse that is seen, it may be just skipped over. This verse leaped off of my page and grabbed me by the neck, my bible has some hostile verses, I hope yours does too. This verse says to me that when you are a messenger from God, you are not going to always have a clear vision of the outcome of your situation. You just have to go, because God said so.  God’s messenger is blindly obedient and is deaf, thankfully. The deafness is so that the messenger will not hear the foolishness of the people around him.

God’s messengers are never sent on a mission that is popular, yet “Christians” are still talking. If you believe that God has given you a mission, only listen to God, and only see God. Be blind! Be deaf! The opinions of your friends, family, or anyone else do not matter!  Do what you believe God has told you to do. But, be flexible, because as we are doing, in my experience and in the Bible, God speaks to us and directions are fine-tuned. If God has given you a mission be blind and deaf, and watch doors open where you didn’t even know there were doors. In the past months being without a job I’ve security in being led by God.  Give God the opportunity. Watch God work! Be Blind!

God favors the blind

What does this verse say to you? I’d love to hear what this verse says to you, or your experience in this area.  I’d also love to hear about a verse that is hostile to you. Comment, subscribe or reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you.

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