I Ain’t Got Time Fo That!

My father lived until 56, and my mother until 61. One lesson from the passing of my parents, it’s that my time is not guaranteed. There are going to be a lot of activities that I ain’t got time for. Okay, yes, I’m sure there are things that I could cut out, but in general, I just ain’t got time. Small talk, I’ve got no time for it, useless tasks at work, I’ve got no time. Watching sports, I’ve definitely got no time for that, but, when a daughter asks me to dance with them or paint their nails, I’ve got a little time.

I ain’t got no time!

When I open my bible I am reminded that I’ve got no time. One text that moves me is Matthew 24 when Jesus talks about what to expect when he comes back (Matthew 24:36-51). Jesus says, “Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Later he says, “Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he cometh shall find him so doing.” It’s interesting that for the next few chapters these points are reiterated.

The word watch means pay attention and keep looking out. Its interesting that following this conversation Jesus goes to pray with his disciples, who fall asleep, and Jesus says, “could you not watch with me?”  The word watch, in this context, means stay woke!  Many churches choose not to see injustice in the world, but choose instead to hurt each other.  We live in a time where churches are asleep, playing the role of the incompetent servant.

I’ve not got time to be bogged down in repetitive busy activity. I ain’t got time fo that!  My Bible tells me to stay woke.In another post, “Stay Woke” I’ll talk more about our staying woke instructions. But spoiler alert we are to encourage and empower each other and let God do the preparation.

Teach us to number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom Psalm 90:12

I encourage you to think about your activity. I’m sure there are some things that you ain’t got time for. I haven’t got time for extras, I’ve got to be diligent. Comment the activity that you need to eliminate. Let’s begin the process of accountability. Comment, Subscribe, Share!

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