Let Me Rock My Hat

Sometimes, I like hats. But, I like for my hats to make a statement! So I don’t really own too many normal looking hats. I like wearing hats sometimes, but I digress.

Have you ever been afraid to move forward? Maybe you were afraid of failure, afraid of the consequences, or afraid of what people may say? I’ve been afraid, recently I haven’t been afraid for any of those reasons, but I have definitely been afraid! To be completely honest, I’m afraid right now. That fear is what has kept me from operating this site properly.

My Fear

I’ve been mediocre in this blog site and developing it because I’m afraid. I have been afraid for years, and I’m fearful of letting people down. In my mind, a voice echoes, “What if you start and then you get writer’s block, or you lack the inspiration to continue?” I am afraid that I will not be able to consistently put out content. I write things, that I’m excited about, but I always doubt myself. I’ve been doing it for almost six years since my Dad passed away. I’m afraid of sounding stupid. Okay, stupider.

I’m afraid of being wrong and afraid of being right. Criticism does not scare me, but what if someone believes. My fear stops me from moving in the way I know that God wants me to.  So I make excuses, “I don’t post blogs coz I don’t have good photography like the bloggers I admire. It may seem like I’m moving forward to some, but I’m struggling with the chains of fear.

“To live in fear is to live within a spirit that God did not give me”

But, that stops TODAY. To live in fear is to live within a spirit that God did not give me. But, to cast away fear is not always courage. Ignoring fear completely is sometimes stupidity. I’m not ignoring my fear, but I am moving. I will be moving wearing my fear like a hat, with a feather in it. I’m gonna wear it. Like a hat! I like hats.

NOTE: When you stop allowing fear to stop you, life is gonna get crazy, but you’re going to grow. You might not recognize yourself. I’m writing this from a hospital room.

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