Let’s Live Life On Purpose

Have you ever laid in bed and stared at the ceiling, asking yourself, “Why am I even here?” I have, often. It’s important that we understand our purpose in life. Dr. King understood his purpose. Do you understand your purpose?

I am learning my purpose. My purpose in life is to be faithful to God by being obedient, leading this family he has given me. I have a vision for the way I’d like to do that and that involves a creative way to do church, without actually having to step foot in a church.  No offering baskets, no getting dressed up, no plastering fake smiles on your face. I dream of making church practical, so you worship God by doing whatever it is that you do. I call it turning passion into praise.

I want to turn what I am passionate about into something that glorifies God, praise. The bible says, whatever you do, do it for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). I believe that by converting what I am passionate about into praise, and thinking about it as praise, I keep my mind on God. Keeping my mind on God, I enhance the relationship that we have. I want to convert my passion into praise and encourage others to do to also by using the talents and the passions that God has given you. What talents and passions do you have?

Church is about community. I dream of a community of people that are connected because they turn their passion into praise. This community encourages, empowers, and support each other in doing so. What do you think about that? Can you turn passion into praise?

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