Let’s Skip The Pleasantries

The world looks for men with the characteristics of the invincible warrior. The invincible warrior can absorb the attacks of his adversary and adapt or grow to overcome them. That is the type of thing we see in cartoons or in epic football or basketball games. It’s funny that the very characteristic society seeks, is the way God designed us.

As Christians on the field of spiritual warfare any attack that forces us into a deeper prayer life is a blessing. It is funny the way that God takes things the devil uses to harm us, and uses them for our good. When an attack forces us into a deeper prayer life it is forcing us to ask our Father for more of his unlimited power. With every obstacle we face we should become more faithful, and thus more powerful. In the spiritual warfare arena we are invincible when we learn to pray.

Unfortunately there are things that detract from our invincibility. These things are very common, everybody has it, it is money. Maybe this is why Paul tells Timothy that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10). Has anyone else noticed that they depend on God a lot more when their bank account is in the negative? When we have no money we have nothing left to do but trust God. When my bank account is on empty I see it as a sign that God wants me to trust him more. I get excited each time I swipe my card and it says “approved”. God told Jesus he was approved too (Matthew 3:17). But I digress excuse me.

When we have no money we are forced into faith. With money we feel it can solve all our problems. I cannot imagine there being one person who is paid six figures who sinks to their knees to pray about the $50 light bill, they just swipe their debit card.

It is not really money, it is control, or power. Money is a tangible symbol of control or power. When we have power or control in a situation we require less faith. For example, as I am looking for a job, when I see a job that only requires an associates, andI have a Master’s, I expect that job is coming my way. I don’t think about prayer, that job is mine.

So while money and power detract from a growing faith, which is the key to our invincibility, a dependency on God is what adds to it.

We are dependent on God when we are desperate.

For instance look with me at the woman with the issue of blood, she was desperate. She was afflicted with that malady for 12 years, she spent her money on treatment from numerous physicians (there was no Obamacare back then), but despite being tired and broke her disease worsened. It was not until her money was spent, the power she thought she had was proven worthless and her disease was still worsening that she sought out Jesus in desperation. She was so desperate that she risked being seen by the very Pharisee priests who condemned her, the Pharisees were always around Jesus. She was not satisfied with simply being in his presence she, in desperation reached out and touched him, but couldn’t quite catch him, she desperately clawed at the hem of his garment. That desperation is what caused Jesus to say “who touched my clothes”. Her faith was a result of her desperation.

Desperation secretes faith.

In my mind I ask, “12 years though, does it take that long to get desperate? There has to be a way that I can just skip to the desperation. My life would be so efficient if I could fast forward through all the pain, worry, disappointment and just skip to the desperation. Why must we re learn this desperation thing with every situation that we encounter? When every situation drives us into a deep fervent prayer, we have learnt to be invincible.

James 5:16 says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Can I just skip to that desperation prayer now that I have learnt that God is all that I have?

I need to learn to skip to desperation, because faith is a bi-product of desperation.

My bible tells me that there will be a time, when the just will have to live by his faith (Habakkuk 2:3,4). There has never been a time in history when faith is more necessary. That time is now.

So as the leader of my family, it behooves me to skip the pleasantries of trying things my own way and failing. We don’t have time to try it my way and fail, I’ve failed enough. I am hitting the fast forward button to my desperation. Because it is time for me and my family to live by our faith.

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