Making History Every Day!

Black History Month is over, and now we’re back to regular months. February is the month that the United States recognizes the African American contribution, Black history month.  The African American contribution is once again ignored by many in America.

But we will continue to make history every day! I am extremely proud of my friends and family, I talk about your achievements all the time, especially when I’m not even asked about them. In the Month of March, as “the blacks” continue to make history, I’d like to focus on some of my friends and family that I am extremely proud of. Not just here in the United States, but around the world.

Their achievement is completely relative to my ministry because, one of my beliefs is that one does not need a pulpit to be a minister. Furthermore, a minister is more effective without one. A minister is someone who connects with others and demonstrates Jesus to them. I believe that we can demonstrate Jesus while doing what we are passionate about, whatever it is that we do. I believe in converting our passion, what we love to do, into praise, glory for God.

I spend a large amount of my time being proud of my friends and family. Today for example, I’m proud of Michael, who just got his private pilot’s license. My friends were fly way before this. That proud time is always followed by me working to make them proud of me. This month I will focus and talk about my friends, and family that I am proud of, because we make history 24/7.

I know you have friends and family that you are proud of, or perhaps you are proud of yourself. Please allow me to be proud of your friends, and you also. Please comment their names below, or use the contact me section.

P.S. If I do not brag about you this month, it does not mean I am not proud of you, it might mean you may not be good at answering your phone!

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