My Dream Room

Inspiration from Conversation

Interacting with like-minded people draws something special from me. My best ideas are inspired by conversation. My cousin Nathan and I talked one day about the rooms in our dream houses. The special room I want in my dream house is a creative space. A place where I can just think and create. Whether that’s writing, or speaking, or singing (but probably not singing). This space in my house would be a library exclusively of the experiences of my friends. In this place, I would feel inspired, encouraged and proud.

Check out our conversation here.

Good friends don’t care about your comfort (unless you’re pregnant, pregnant people deserve comfort)

Do you have people in your life who have no respect for your comfort? Do you have people who challenge you, ask you uncomfortable questions, and hold you accountable? I do!  Most of all these people encourage you. I was talking to my friends Charlotte and Tochi the other day, they drove 2 hours in rush hour to come and see me in Watford. We realized that the book that we were holding in our hands was something that they had encouraged out of me.  Imagine, we thought, what else we have inside us to be encouraged out.

As I sit in my room in my house among the books and output from my friends I will be sitting in a room of encouragement. My library will be a fortress of the victories of my friends.  Most of all I will be filled with gratitude, and pride and I will be inspired. As I dream about my room with my eyes open, just know that I will not be dreaming for long. For this room to happen, I need money but I also must learn to create a community where my friends are encouraged, supported and feel the love.


I want to invite you to join a community of accountability. Feel free to contact me. A pulse means that you have a purpose. God does not deliver us for us to keep our blessings to ourselves. Let us empower you to share your deliverance. In this community, we will convert our passion into praise, and we will grow. I’m excited to meet you, be a part of my room!  What encourages you, or brings out your creativity? I’d love to hear from you. Comment, Subscribe, Share!

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