Nudged Into Purpose!

On a Monday morning, we all question whether God wants us to go to work, don’t we?  “God did not create me just to collect a paycheck and spend it on rent,” was my constant cry, not just on Monday, but every morning.  It felt like I was being paid hush money for the assassination of my dreams. My dreams would lay rotting on the floor in my house while I would go out to chase someone else’s.  To be honest, I didn’t know what my dream or my purpose was, I just knew it wasn’t what I was doing. Losing my job, as I discussed in “best of 2018” felt like a nudge into my purpose, even though I didn’t know what it was.

I’ve always loved helping people, and I am passionate about building communities. Although I’m a Pastor’s son, I’ve never been too fond of attending church.  Instead of pursuing ministry, as my mother requested, I furrowed down the rabbit hole of business.  It wasn’t until recently that I considered a foray into ministry.  Work for a church or a conference was not my purpose. I am unwilling to give up the freedom to express myself.  When see my church and others doing ignorant things, as I often do, and I need the freedom to speak my mind.  My purpose involves building something tangible that I can pass onto my children. I was born to a lead!

My purpose involves building something tangible that I can pass onto my children.

I was tired of being told no, so I wrote what became, “I am Church: Converting Passion into Praise.”  Do not take no for an answer!  You are church. The responsibility to paint a picture of Jesus for your world is on you.  It’s not on your church. We live in a time where people don’t want to hear anything about the bible.  The world has no problem with Christ, but with Christians. Christians can be corny, predictable, scripture quoting but do next to nothing silent as injustice occurs. They are not tired of you yet, because you can be different. You can make Jesus relevant to your world. I invite you to check out I am Church and discover your purpose. Next post, we’ll talk more about mine.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you no! You are church!

Do you battle with finding your real purpose and dreams at work? Do you believe you are church? How would you paint Jesus? What would you do differently? I’d love to hear from you. Comment, subscribe, share. Please reach out to me I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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