• Daniel Holder

Slavery Is Not for Me!

I'd have made a terrible slave.

With my free moments, I might have learned to read.

At night I'd devise escape plans, kinda like I'm doing right now.

in an elevator in my apartment building. He shared that we had the same landlady and that she was a great person. He continued onto share that he'd been renting from her for over 12 years.

In my mind, the conversation skidded to an abrupt halt and my face went into auto-drive. If he was paying anything similar to me in rent, he'd given her way over $200k. That was crazy!

Renting an apartment was comfortable, but it's not home. It's not the way forward. I don't feel like it's God's plan for me. I pray that in 12 years even the fumes from my exhaust will have dissipated.

Comfort easily lulls you into complacency, until you wake up and you've been in the same place for 12 years. Not that there is anything wrong with that for others, but it's not for me, and my aspirations are not wrong. However, there are times I get the impression that these aspirations are biblical.

Sometimes I associate tenancy with slavery. Giving away such a large portion of my income does not sit right with me. But slavery is comfortable. Relatively, slavery is more comfortable than freedom. It is easier to remain a slave than to seek freedom. Remaining in the same place is comfortable. But it is a comfort that I do not want.

You've Got to Move

In my experience, and from what I read in the Bible God likes to take people out of their comfort zones. One of God's early friends was Abram. Abram was instructed by God to move out of his homeland, where he was comfortable

God placed his friend in positions and situations that would allow him to flourish and grow. God changed his name, and the name of Abraham was known. The name of God was synonymous with the name of Abraham. Abraham was a preacher with his life, with his actions.

God may move you out of your comfort zone, but do not be alarmed. Understand that divinity's hand is about to move in your life. Prepare, remain prayerful, and remain diligent to your calling.


Moses and the Emancipation Proclamation

Some Christians in the past have advocated for slavery. This is preposterous to me because of the Biblical narrative of the emancipation of the Egyptian slaves. God wanted to see the Israelites free. Declaring his opposition to slavery.

Yes the practice of slavery continued throughout the Bible and beyond but God was against it. Why else would the son of God have been sent to preach deliverance to the captives (Like 4:18)

The liberation of the descendants of Abraham God's chosen people to a land that was their own was God's plan. Slavery was a demonstration of the contrast. In their own land they could plant their own crops and live independently. They could be an independent nation. When that nation followed God they were strong and protected.

When the children of Israel were released from slavery they were quick to complain. They missed the comfort of slavery. They soon forgot the backbreaking work and oppression and remembered the pots of meat and the leeks and cucumbers. Freedom was more difficult than they had anticipated, but it was God's plan for them.

What God wanted for them was the independence of being on their own land. Eating food that they had grown and cultivated. Showing justice to those around them. Eating well, being clean and worshiping the one who had miraculously delivered them from the hands of oppression.

Am I a Slave?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a slave. I wonder if the shackles of slavery were no longer iron but invisible. Sometimes, usually on the first of the month when rent is due and Sallie Mae sends a letter I feel like I am an economic slave. I feel like I make just enough to be comfortable. Just enough to keep me quiet.

I entered the workforce 8 years ago and I own nothing. My savings will keep me for a few days but after that I must keep working if I want to live. I wake up in the mornings, and go to my field and though my task is not backbreaking, nor my taskmaster brutal, this is not freedom.

Slavery has a habit of shapeshifting so that sometimes those enslaved do not even know that they are bound. Shackles are sported unknowingly. I' don't mean work specifically, but slavery is a system in which you are trapped and the system is fed by your efforts. These systems usually don't provide much return because they need to keep you coming back.

Are you a slave? What are you a slave to? If you can see your shackles I have good news for you.

God has Gifted you with Freedom

God wants you to be free from all oppressive, and repressive systems that enslave. The gift of freedom was given for free, but we must accept it. Like the Israelites we may find that the journey to freedom is not easy.

We shouldn't allow anything to hold us from being where God wants us to be. For me, it's independence from people and dependence on God, only you know what it is for you and there is only one way to find out what it is.

The Bible says that eyes have not seen nor ear heard, nor could we imagine the things that God has in store for us (1 Corinthians 2:9). God has special plans for us that will take us beyond our comfort zones because unfortunately slavery is more comfortable than freedom.

Where God wants us to be will take us through some difficulties. Difficulty develops character. But on the other side of difficulty is freedom. And whom the Son sets free...

I intend to escape slavery and enter into the promise. It must have seemed absurd that the Egyptians slaves would talk about freedom and a promised land. Egyptians probably laughed at the ludicrous fables.

But, just like the Israelites who escaped slavery, when I find my freedom, I'll be free indeed!