Take An Inventory

Do you ever wake up and think, “What am I doing here?” Not philosophically asking the question of why do I exist, but how did I get here in this room? Is it just me?

I live in California, close to the beaches, mountains, deserts, and enchanted forests. We just got here a year ago so we’re still pretty excited about it. Getting to this point in my life has been a journey of growth and maturation. Many that I’ve encountered on my journey would be surprised if they met me today. My journey has been very eventful.

I was born in London, England and moved to Alabama when I was 18. I moved to Massachusetts 9 years later. I remained there just long enough to find my wife and have two children, now we’re here. My scenery has changed a lot. Have you ever taken an inventory of where God has brought you? Have you taken an inventory of what God has done for you? Me neither. But today I’d like to share it with you briefly.

I came from London alone. I had flunked out of college before I arrived. Technically I didn’t fail, I got an E, that’s before an F. I got an A in basketball and socializing, but that wasn’t included on my transcript. Today I have a bachelor’s in accounting and an MBA. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s in Divinity.

I have always been a hard worker; I’ve rarely been without a job. I’ve earned lots of various work experiences. God has continually blessed me with an opportunity. Currently, I’m blessed to have a job to provide for my family.

Speaking of family, I came to this country alone. God did not see fit for me to remain that way. He gave me a woman. God gave me a beautiful, talented, and loving woman. We have two daughters together. I was alone, now I have three ladies that love me.

I’ve been blessed, but why? What is God calling me to do with my blessing? Writing your blessings enhances your gratitude. Writing your blessings down will also bring clarity to your calling, or purpose. Would you be interested in a free download to help you do this? If you are interested please comment and subscribe. I call it a Passion in Praise packet. It will be a free gift to all my subscribers.  Please let me know if you’re interested in turning your passion into praise.

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