Taking God Out Of The Box

A box limits the size of items inside. During these holidays there may be a lot of unboxing. I Invite you to take God out of the box that we have created. I would like to suggest that we as Christians put God in a box. We say, “For God to do this, you must do that, or if you do this God won’t work with you, or you must attend this place to hear a message from God.” Are we placing limits on a limitless God? These rules may be our preferences, but God doesn’t care about the boxes that Christians create because you cannot place limits on a limitless God. I invite you to take God out of the box.

God does not belong in a box. Unbox God this Holiday!

How can we unbox God? Jesus says, “With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. Though all of our bible’s contain this verse, in the church we bind God to a set of rules, and beliefs. Christians claim that only they will be saved. We can unbox God simply by understanding that God does not need our doctrinal definitions. God loves EVERYONE, exactly the same. God wants to talk to each of us in a unique way. We can start unboxing God when we learn how and join the divine conversation. God has a job for you that only you can do, and listening to God is the beginning of learning that.

Step into your divine purpose!

But we can take it further because stepping into our own divine purpose is just the beginning. The purpose of following Jesus is to reach others, he himself said so in Matthew 4:19. God is unboxed when we listen to our divine purpose and when we encourage and inspire others to walk in theirs, even when it doesn’t fit with what we think we know. God loves each of us equally and does not want to be placed in a box, because doing do excludes others from the divine love. Most of all when we place God in a box, we deny power because that power is not always predictable.

Check out 1 Timothy 3:1-5 and see what it says about denying the power. I’d love to know what you think. Comment, Subscribe and Share. Please reach out to me I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share your ideas on how you can take God out of the box. I would be glad to connect with you.

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