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The Church isn't in there

Updated: Jul 5

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Usually, when I write, it takes weeks or months to get posted.

But today is Friday 3 July, and this will post tomorrow.

Yesterday I started to become more intentional about my writing.

The time for Faith is right now.

It has not passed, and it is not in the future, but it is right now!

My wife was talking to my daughter, Grace, yesterday, and Grace was telling her about Daddy's new job and how beautiful the new house is that we are going to get. Meanwhile, I was probably in the living room wading through doubts.

The interaction between my wife and daughter was meaningful because I feel like I almost stopped believing. We told my daughters about what we were doing to help them, but we didn't think they would help us. They're like miniature, energy-filled accountability partners. Everyone needs an accountability partner.

Following the interaction with my daughter, my wife picked up her journal and was reminded of the things that God has done for our family recently. How this time last year, and this time the year before I searched for a job. How quickly we forget.

Well, this year I have a job, and I have the drive to create another one for myself. I've literally been struggling for years with discovering it. I've called it many different things, but on July 1, 2020, I was afforded the gift of articulating what it was. I am an entrepreneur minister! "what is that?" I'm glad you asked.

This is the job that I am walking into, I think its the job my daughter told my wife about, but I do not want to walk alone. I would like to encourage others to enter the profession with me. Employment for God is not as secure are your 9-5, because uncertainty builds faith. That is why there will be times when I don't feel like walking and I'll need a push. Please hold me accountable. It's time to have faith right now.

For years I've had a passion for taking Jesus beyond the walls of the traditional church. I wrote about it in I am Church. (buy your copy on amazon or DM me for a signed one) but this pandemic has demonstrated that the time for taking Jesus beyond the church is right now. At this very moment, many churches are struggling, and there are many at risk of closure.

If you go to any church you'll find that the church isn't in there, at least they shouldn't be. The church should be outside. If churches were empowering people to go, and not sit and spectate, this pandemic would not have made such an impact. But to be fair, teaching people to go out, is difficult, it is uncertain, and it probably takes more faith than many of us have.

Jesus said If we have the faith of a mustard you will move mountains, but what he doesn't say is crucial also. If you have mustard-seed sized faith, you will have watermelon-sized doubts. But, let your faith demonstrate that is is stronger than your doubts. Let your faith encourage you to toss rocks at giants.

The time for faith is right now. The time for talking about faith was left in 2019 when we could go outside with our friends. 2020 is the time for demonstrating faith. But demonstrating faith is difficult. It hurts sometimes. Sometimes you look like a fool. But hurt, and look like a fool, because through the tears there is a blessing.

I've been writing about faith for years. Literally, at this very moment, I have 12 half-written posts, most of them are about faith. God has been enlightening me about faith. The time for faith is right now. I'm going to schedule those posts tomorrow. As I walk into my new job I'd like to encourage you to walk with me.

Right now my family is waiting. We feel like it is time for us to move to Alabama, but we are waiting on a job. We are praying every day as a family, we are applying for jobs, we are starting side hustles, we are packing our things waiting for God to say go. We believe that God wants to upgrade us and we are waiting in faith.

It's time for you to level up. The you tomorrow is unrecognizable by the version of you today. I would love to support you, to be your accountability partner as you walk into your new job as an entrepreneur minister. I don't know who you work for but I can guarantee you that God pays better. If you're interested, please contact me. Allow me to be your accountability partner.

Beep... (the message)

It's time to change the way we do church. Time for ministers to empower their congregations to execute ministry beyond the walls of the church. Church buildings are empty, people are not in there, as they should be, because Jesus said GO.

The time for sitting, and spectating is over, we left that in 2019. Imagine! Church is one ministry. Imagine if a church deployed each member to do their own individual social distancing ministry. Can you imagine the effectiveness of taking Jesus beyond the walls of your church building?

Today it is time to be the church, but that takes faith and that's ok because the time for faith is right now! Let's start NOW!

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