The History Continues: Naira Michele

One of the Universities I attended was Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL. Oakwood University is an HBCU (Historically Black College or University). All the universities I attended were great, but, I found, the HBCUs excelled in churning out remarkable people, some of whom, I am blessed to call friends.  One friend that I am exceptionally proud of is Michele.

At Oakwood, my friend John and I would occasionally hang out with Michele and her friends. I remember always having so much fun hanging out with them because we always did ridiculous things. Maybe Michele or anyone that was there will comment some examples.

I don’t remember hanging out with them and just having a conversation. I don’t even remember how I know her name or how we met. Michele stuck out to me because of her energy, and her stubbornness. Today that stubborn attitude has turned into a perseverant determination that I admire. A perseverant determination is exactly what she needs today.

Today Michele lives in New York and she is passionate about modeling, she aspires to be signed. She has been working towards this goal for three years. She has been featured by names such as Nicci Hou, Samantha Black, Marquise Foster, Liv Anthony, Fashion Ave Magazine and so many more.  She has done shoots, walked in fashion shows at New York fashion week, and been featured in articles and we, her friends are so proud.  When I was in Huntsville, we would sometimes do events.  If you’ve ever put on an event there is that moment where you wonder, “What if nobody shows up?”  From the day I met Michele, she showed up.  She has always supported me, and today I want to support her.  Michele aspires to be signed as a model. I want her to know that even before she is signed as a model, she is my favorite model.  I am proud of you.  I admire your passion, and I cannot wait to celebrate with you when your dream comes true.  But in the meantime, Be Magic!

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