The History Continues: Nate Holder

Okay so the first two people that I brag about have the same name, that’s purely coincidence. My cousin Nate gives me mixed feelings. He makes me beam with pride and inspires me to work harder. Nate calls himself an educator, I told him, “That’s boring,” so we’re going to call him something else, and to be honest, I haven’t come up with a name yet, so keep reading. Let me tell you what he does.

Calling Nate a saxophonist would be an understatement, the saxophone is one of his talents. He plays other musical instruments and has a Master’s in Music Performance. You can find Nate touring all around Europe performing with different groups and infecting crowds with his contagious energy.

In addition to performing, you may find him anywhere in the world presenting on music education. He has presented at various universities and conferences on this topic. Nate doesn’t just stop at presenting on these topics, he genuinely wants to impact the world and make a change. He is the author of a soon to be released book called, “I wish I didn’t quit”. When you write a book, you are told to be aware of your audience. This book gives parents tips, strategies, and ideas to help their children learn an instrument. As a child, I used to play the piano, today, I kinda wish I didn’t quit. Since my fist daughter was a bulge in her mother’s dress I have been trying to figure out how to prevent her from quitting. Nate’s book is written to me, but I’m sure he’d let you read it too. Nate is going to change the world, I’m glad to watch as he does it. I’m grateful for his energy, and passion.

Please don’t take my word for it, check out Nate on his podcast, “I wish I didn’t Quit”. Check out his website, join his community. Follow him on insta. I need you to see why I’m proud of my cousin Nate.

Website: Instagram: @iwishididntquitpodcast Podcast: I Wish I Didn’t Quit Facebook:

Nat is a musical performer, an educator, an author, a leader, and so much more I couldn’t just refer to him as an educator. I have been trying for a while to think of a cool title that encompasses all of his talents. To be honest, if I was able to think of one, you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it. Let’s just call him Nate. Always proud of you Nate.

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