The History Continues: Nathaniel Holder

February is the month that we show pride in our African American history. I’m not ready to let it go yet, especially since my friends continue to make history every day. Not all of them are African American, but that does not change my pride. I am proud of my friends, and family. I would like to dedicate each of my posts, this month, to one of them. I have far more friends that I am proud of, and I celebrate more of them than I can write about this month. I invite you to celebrate the achievement of my friends with me.

To begin, I’ll start with my oldest friend in the world. I’m proud of him:

My brother: Nathaniel Holder

My brother is in the process of building his own empire, and it’s entertaining to watch. There are many ways to tie a tie. Not only has he invented a unique knot, he has created a tie to go with it. His ties have not been released to the public as yet, but Nate might be persuaded to make exclusive ties. Nate offers wedding services, tutorials, and styling. He is looked up to by many in London, England and talks about entrepreneurship regularly. He develops his skills, all while maintaining a full time career. Based in London, England Nathaniel is preparing to make an international impact. Nathaniel is my brother, but I am not exaggerating at all. If my parents were alive, I know they would both be proud of his accomplishments, and of his future, I am. I invite you to see for yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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