The History Continues: Salina Holder

I lost track, I don’t actually know if International Women’s day was yesterday, or today. I am actually confused about this, because I didn’t even know women just got one day? The way the ladies around me are achieving, it seems like every day is international women’s day. Women have taken over my life! I’m raising little women who like constantly feel the need to tell me about myself.

Today I want to talk about how proud I am of a special woman in my life. I’ll talk about more special women next week, but today I want to talk about my Wife, Salina Holder.

When I met Salina, she was a college student. Since I met her she graduated, married a crazy man, became a mother of two, moved to another state, and will soon start graduate school. She will be pursuing her Master’s in Social Work, that has been her dream since childhood, when her life was impacted by a social worker. I am proud of her for pursuing her dream, despite our life being absolutely crazy right now. I am so proud of the way she deals with my daughters. I always find myself thinking, “You have to have been doing this for more than four years.”  My daughters love their mother so much and want to be exactly like her.

Over the past few weeks and months we have been tested immensely as a family, but she is still smiling, and she is still hopeful. In the midst of our tests and our pain, Salina gives thanks to God.

I am proud of the growth of Salina and  how she leads and supports the growth of our family. As I’m proud I’m excited for what God has in store for us as a family.

The pride that I have for Salina is shared by so many. My wife has such a big heart, she wants to heal the world. If you are proud of Salina too, comment on this post. You will be hearing a lot more soon.

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