The History Continues: Travis Smith

The days of this month are running out quickly, and there are people I must recognize.  It is still the month of March so I am still recognizing people I am proud of.  People who are continuing to make history.

It’s not hard to be proud of Travis Smith, future HBCU president. A lot of people say what they are going to do, but when Travis says he’s going to do something, it’s almost past tense, it is done. When we were in college a number of years ago, we called him “Super Tee”, This is how he looked around the time I first met him. He aspired to be the president of an HBCU.  Some people see problems and complain, but Travis is one of the special few people that see problems as an opportunity. Our HBCUs are awesome, but Travis has always had a vision to make them greater. Next year this time we will call him Dr. Smith.

While getting his PhD at Clemson University, Travis has developed his speaking, by being paid to speak. He has developed his writing by publishing articles in journals. Travis has developed his leadership and mentoring through UNITE mentoring. Travis founded UNITE to increase achievement and perspective among black college students. Every year UNITE takes high school students on a HBCU tour to 8-12 different HBCUs. Additionally, UNITE seeks to improve achievement and perseverance among black male freshmen through mentoring and tutoring. Sometimes it’s not enough to get people to college, many of us need some guidance once we get there, I know I certainly did.  Please, go check out what UNITE is doing by checking out


Please donate, get involved and become a mentor, or just watch, it’s exciting.

Not only am I immensely proud of Travis, his achievements, and his future, but I am proud to call him my friend. When my mom died a few weeks ago, Travis dropped what he had planned to drive 4 hours, each way, to spend some time with me and my family. It means so much to have friends like Travis. Please, check out UNITE, and look out for Dr. Super Tee, or is it Super Dr. Tee.

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