The Mark Of Cain

My Mom was shaken up one day when watching the news. An older brother killed his younger brother. The older brother’s name was Daniel, and the younger brother’s name was Nathaniel.

Cain murdered his brother, Abel, and deserved to die, but God had other plans.  If you want to hear some interesting perspectives on bible stories, check out “why they did that,” on iTunes or SoundCloud. Instead of killing Cain, God still loved Cain and placed a mark on him to prevent anyone from harming him. Cain’s mark, according to the story told people not to kill him.

Why they did that podcast?

Sometimes I get a hint to what people see when they look at me. In August, I was walking through Chinatown with my wife and daughters. On the sidewalk in front of us was a man.  He was cursing, shouting and spitting. He was spinning around and pointing at people.  People were moving to the other side of the road to avoid him. I walked towards him, holding my daughter’s hand, Abigail stared. As we got within a few steps of him he said, “Excuse me sir” and moved back.” I don’t know what that man saw, but it changed his actions.

What do people see when they look at you?

I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, most of which I was qualified for, many far overqualified.  At times I wonder, why does nobody want me? Did I spell my name wrong? Cain’s mark comforts me. What mark has God placed on me that people can see when I apply for jobs, when I walk down the street, and just in general? “This is MY son!” “You don’t want none of this!”

Are you marked?

Many occasions in my life I made foolish decisions that could have resulted in death, but God had other plans. I believe that God has placed a mark on me. Are you marked? Have there been times where you’ve felt a special favor in your life? I believe my mark has been placed on me for my growth.

God has planned for me to grow into a special purpose, so things are allowed to happen in my life will accelerate me into my growth. In the last post, I talk about the managers at my old job, but I hold no malice because I realize that they can only do what the mark allows them to. But I still wonder what my mark says to people? Are you marked? What does your mark say? What is your special purpose? Subscribe, Comment, Share, please reach out to me I’d love to hear your opinion.

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