Unapplied Knowledge

My father was paid to preach, my mom did it for free. My siblings and I were the private congregation for my mother’s sermons. We had our own personal pastor, ordained by God to care for us. As a child I learnt ALL of the bible stories, and had a multitude of friends growing up in church with me. Now that I am an adult I look around and find the vast majority of these friends are no longer in church. The theology student in me wants to ask why, and I have a theory. I believe that unapplied knowledge is foolishness! Knowledge that is not applied is useless. If you know about the stop sign, at the end of the street, but don’t stop, that knowledge was useless.

“Unapplied Knowledge is Foolishness”

Growing up in church consists of the accumulation of knowledge, both knowledge of the bible and denominational traditions. I believe there is an immense growth opportunity available to those who can apply that biblical knowledge outside of a church setting.  Everyone has a unique opportunity to apply this biblical knowledge to our lives. It is not until we apply this knowledge to our lives that it can grow beyond useful trivia.

When Bible Knowledge is applied we can grow

My Father was a preacher, and my mother preached, but the sermons that are etched into my memory are the ones that they preached without words. My parents both used their words, but the sermons that were loudest were preached with action. I challenge you to show the world Jesus without words, use your actions. Apply that biblical knowledge by connecting with the narrative, find yourself in the text. Ask God to show you where the divine message for you is within the text.  When you can find yourself, and connect with the text the Bible will become more real to you.

I challenge you to find yourself in the text. Find the characters and situations that identify with you, for example. I identify with Jonah, not because he was a great prophet, but because he was stubborn and hard headed. Why would you try and run away from God, when you can see the divine power? God had a job suited for Jonah’s personality, and God has a job just for me. I believe God has a job just for you also. Look out for a series of posts of where I’ve found myself in called finding myself. I’d love to hear from you or where you’ve found yourself in the bible. Please reach out to me. Comment, Subscribe, Share!

The Bible is not an ancient text! It lives through you. Others may think twice about connecting with an ancient text, but they wouldn’t think twice about connecting with you. God needs YOU! Apply your knowledge!

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